What Good Things are Happening Right Now?

I am struck by the amount of misinformation and negativity right now. I agree that things look bad but is everything still bad? Here are some things I have noticed that aren’t all bad:

1. I am seeing more of my family. We are taking evening walks every day together.

2. I have seen more of my neighbors than ever before. Granted our interactions are limited but there is a lot to be said about a smile.

3. There is a worldwide reduction in pollution. Few cars and factories running equal better air quality.

4. I heard a radio show that predicted military actions would halt due to uncertainty of the virus.

5. My neighbors who I have never interacted with are reaching out to me and others to see how they can help.

6. People who were totally wrapped around consumption are learning to conserve their resources.

7. Better personal hygiene. Please don’t be grossed out but a long time ago I noticed that many men do not wash hands in public restroom. I think as many as 50%. I was in an airport last week and that number was 100%.

8. A call for food went out at my church. What an outpouring. It wasn’t even 8 hours and people were responding with donations.

When terrible things happen God is still good. Crisis is exactly where He shows up. What positives do all of you notice? Please share what you have observed.

4 thoughts on “What Good Things are Happening Right Now?

  1. Great list! Some I had not even considered. Thanks for sharing!
    Less traffic when we have to go out; gas prices have dropped; Christians getting creative in meeting without actually meeting, to worship, pray for health workers and such, and study the Bible together.

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